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Helps you to evaluate how green your product is & enhance your brand's image

Why We Need Carbon Footprint?

The greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted through the production and consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods and services. One of the GHG - CO2 is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. 

The increase of GHG in the atmosphere leads to the Greenhouse effect that causes melting of polar ice, rising of sea level, changing of climate, etc. that risk the survival of mankind.

Therefore, we need to manage the GHG emission. 

There is a saying: 

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure”. One way to measure the amount of GHG is through the calculation of CFP.

What is Carbon Footprint (CFP)?

Carbon Footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by and individual, organization, service or product.

The unit: unit of kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg-CO2e).

The label tells you how much CO2 and other greenhouse gases emitted within the product life cycle.

Eco Solution for the Printing Industry

Our product footprint looks into the life cycle of the product from material usage such as paper, ink, water, additives and plate, as well as the electricity consumption of the machinery, the fuel usage for the delivery and disposal methods.

It shows you the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases emitted as part of a product’s manufacture, distribution and disposal.

Benefits of using Carbon Footprint logo

· Carbon Footprint (CFP) helps you to evaluate how green an eco product is quantitatively instead of qualitatively.

· Company or individual using product with CFP logo is making a statement to their stakeholders that they care about the environment

· Enhance the user’s brand image

The benefits of carbon footprint report for organisation

  • Provides a benchmark for measuring and communicating emission reductions
  • Understand the key sources of emission within a product lifecycle and highlight which factors are responsible for the largest share
  • Provide supporting document for the Sustainability report
  • Provides a guidelines to support your green procurement decision

Suggestion for carbon emission reduction for your printed material

  • Reduce printing quantity
  • Reduce printing pages
  • Source for local recycle paper
  • Source for local vegetable based ink
  • Reduce finishing
  • Source for eco finishing

You need to measure the size of the problem before you solve it.

You need to know the amount of carbon emission before you can reduce it. 

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