Eco Office Initiative Project (EOIP)

We are here to help your company to turn green 

to allow employees work productively towards a 

green economy growth

About EOIP

There are many companies that like to turn green but they do not know how to start as it involves almost everyone and every process in the workplace. The awareness level on importance of going green is still low in the marketplace.

 We need to communicate more to the offices as they are contributing more carbon footprint compare to residential houses. The EOIP assessment framework is developed to provide the overall guideline to build an Eco Office.

It provides clear objectives and deliver measurable outcome.

Definition of Eco Office

Eco Office as a workplace that influences individual behaviours, attitudes and habits through green purchasing, green operation, and green engagement to allow employees work productively towards green economy growth.

The Eco Office Comprises of

 Green Purchasing · Green Operation · Green Engagement · Green Growth. 

Green Purchasing

“Green Purchasing” is defined by the International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN): “The purchase of any product and service that results in a lesser environmental impact while performing a similar function, and while demonstrating social responsibility and ethics, at its comparable price.”

Green Operation

“Green Operation” aims to enhance effective monitoring of the management of energy, water, waste and other resources.

Green Engagement

“Green Engagement” refers to fruitful interaction between the stakeholders both internally and externally to take place. We need to create a rewarding working environment and good activities to allow productive performance to take place.

Green Growth

“Green Growth” encourage company continue to grow the business by offering new green services or products to achieve green economic growth. 

Our Objective

The project was designed with a simple intention to

guide other organisation to practice sustainability management

To help company to turn green

To conserve natural resources, reduce waste and energy through responsible management

To establish a model for higher productivity in the workplace

To create a more enriched working experience

Benefits of Eco Office

This is a programme that create a collaboration environment:

  • Share resources
  • Have more focus target customer
  • Reduce overlapping of efforts, save time by sharing information and resources
  • Improve working team’s performance

Participants Objective

Every participating organisation will at least achieve the following objective: 

Green Purchasing

To purchase one eco product for the workplace

Green Operation

To have one recycling programme in place

Green Engagement

To participate in one CSR activity organised by NGOs

Green Growth

To have one new position related to sustainability management

Who should join?

CEO/COO/MD/Sustainability Director from corporate office of at least three persons

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Initiative Project (EOIP) Now

Renewal | RM 300 ( NGO), RM 900 (SME) , RM 1500 (Non- SME)