Green Talent Transformation Programme 

Every employee is required to accumulate at least 8 hours of training hours in 2021. ESH is a compulsory training programme. Please select the balance training hour by filling up the following interest form. 

Intro to the Programme

The minimum pax is 12 persons for training programme with external trainer. If the number of interested participant is less than 12 persons, we will change the training programme.


Critical Thinking

Mr. Brian Cracknell

2 Hour Session

12 July 2021

Environment Accounting

Mr. Shiro Chikamatsu

4 Hour Session

27 July 2021

FSC + PEFC Refresher

Ms. Teh

1 Hour Session

28 July 2021


Time Management

2 Hour Session

10 August 2021


4 Hour Session

23 August 2021

Excel (Intermediate to Advance)

CAD Academy | 4 Hour Session

26 August 2021


Handling Conflict and Complaints Negotiation

1 Hour Session

9 September 2021

Budgeting and Management Accounting for Projects

4 Hour Session

23 September 2021


Indoor Teambuilding

4 Hour Session

12 September 2021


Cool Sales, Professional Communication and Customer Experience

3 Hour Session

10 November 2021

Sustainability and Carbon Footprint

1 Hour Session

23 November 2021

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