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Industry4WRD Digital Transformation 

SMEs needs to transform their business by adopting intelligent technologies to stay relevant especially now. 

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Industry4WRD Digital Transformation

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is driving the Industry4WRD initiative to transform the manufacturing industry in Malaysia towards Industry 4.0 adoption. 

There are various funding such as Industry4WRD Intervention fund, Industry4WRD Domestic Investment Strategic Fund and Automation Capital Allowance by MIDA to assist SME’s transformation process. 

SMEs needs to transform their business by adopting intelligent technologies to stay relevant especially now. 

Readiness Assessment (RA) Report

We have organised training based on company’s need to meet their Readiness Assessment (RA) Report recommendations. It is important that everyone in the organisation learn about IR 4.0, reduce their fear of implementing IR 4.0 and able to understand as well as cooperate with company in the digital transformation process.

We are ready to assist you with your digital transformation plan

This is a change management that we need to reduce the resistance of people. We need to prepare them via communication through different channels including formal training. We are ready to assist you with your digital transformation plan.

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