SA8000:2014 Social Accountability Awareness Online Training

⏰ 9 Mar 2021 (Tue) | 9:00AM - 1:00PM

What is SA8000 Certification?

SA8000 certification positively affects productivity and sales performance. Supply chain businesses (SME) companies need to recognize all those best practices they have in place and enhance where necessary. Companies need to conduct a SA8000 review to gain visibility in the marketplace. 

EcoSentido, is a signature brand which emphasizes on Sustainable Business Development for SMEs. We support transitions of businesses with series of services which leverage on responsible and ethical practices. We offer series of programmes to assist Business Owners, Managers and Executives to become aware and be able to implement best practices to improve businesses with recognitions such as the SA8000 Certification Assessment.

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The Benefits of Acquiring SA8000:2014

  • Mitigate negative effects to supply chain operations 
  • Systematic engagemet in risk management
  • Integrated strategy to long term sustainable competitiveness

Learning Objectives

Join this training for detailed understanding of the criteria in SA8000:2014 and how to realign our operations according to the needs of the industry, globally.

Get recognized by large MNC and PLCs as a SME business which has several best practices in place and operates ethically & increase trust in your business operations for expanding your market reach and visibility.

Managers and Execs can clearly understand the requirements of ethical operations, i.e good employee conduct, stakeholder relations, improve quality and productivity, reduce workplace hazards, reduce turnover, enhance reputation of your business and reduce liabilities.

Outcomes of Your Participation 

  • You will be able to set up and/or implement a Ethical Social Accountability System
  • Carry out audit for your own company and those of suppliers/ vendors


About Sunita Devi

SUNITA DEVI is a Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist who trains the Board of Directors and Senior Management of public listed companies in Compliance requirements according to Bursa Malaysia’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Her work with SMEs involves supply chain vendors for Amazon and Walmart. In meeting the need for compliance Sunita works with SMEs to develop their materiality aspects so they may prioritize relevant investments. 


This advisory role helps high level leaders and business owners to formulate effective strategies and adhere to standards in meeting social, ethical and environment compliance reporting requirements.


In her training and consultancy services she provides an overview to all her clients on the practical and cost-effective solutions relating to risk mitigations strategies and revenue generating models for sustainable business development. Her ability to prioritize their needs based on materiality risks and identifying boundaries for such risks, clearly pays off, as several seminar participants note how her proposed changes have immediate, positive impact on their operations.


She began delivering trainings on Sustainability Awareness, Reporting & Communications since 2013 for academics and corporate teams, from diverse organizations to enhance their knowledge and skills in meeting the UN’s SDGs. 

Her sustainability project capabilities extend from scoped and funded regional projects, Shared Value Initiative campaigns (MNCs), Sustainability reporting (PLCs) and in recent times, she works closely with the EUMCCI to promote recognition for sustainable practices of EU businesses in Malaysia as she sits in the panel of judges for the Europa Awards for Business Sustainability.  

She obtained a master degree in Knowledge Management and has contributed to a PhD research in a Tourism Barometer project, by Ministry of Higher Education. She is currently concluding her DBA research on Sustainability and Reporting Capabilities of Public Listed Companies in Malaysia. She constantly shares practical knowledge and experience with business communities.