Discover Opportunities in Corporate Sustainability Report Writing for Creative Agencies.

Get extra benefits such as:

Benefit #1

Post training consultation on report writing

Benefit #2

Proof reading & gap analysis for the company

Benefit #3

Sustainability Reports printed using ECO-Materials, so Corporates can reduce their Carbon Footprint.

This 1 Day Workshop is a practical course for report writing agencies and copywriters who are dabbling with Sustainability Report, Corporate Social Responsibility Reports. 

Course Info

The course fee is RM488 + HDRF claimable.

Participants from the same organization / group (exceeding 1 person) will receive a rebate of RM100 for every additional participant.

Post Training Consultation

You also get post training consultation on report writing, proof reading & gap analysis for the company. We also provide sustainability report printing with eco materials.

Wondering What’s a Sustainability Report?

Sustainability report writing involves knowing how to craft the disclosures of the company for compliance purposes. The report is often outsourced to creative writing agencies and freelance report writers.

 Learning to write an excellent sustainability report will help you as a writer / creative agency

You will greatly benefit from learning how to write the Sustainability Report (SR). It’s a compliance document needed by public listed companies and their supply chain SMEs. SR is a listing requirement for Public Listed Companies. Therefore skilled writers are needed to work with internal corporate office divisions to prepare a professionally accurate report.

Increase Reputation & Trust with Specialized Writing Skills

Get to learn specialized writing skills & knowledge for & prevent yourself from producing a shoddy report bcause it can be easily spotted by the shareholders and regulators.

This will affect the reputation of the corporate client as well as you or your agency. Learn to build your reputation as a professional writer, and to increase the trust among the agency.

Acquired Important Sustainability Knowledge

Learn to write important information in sustainability report such as :

  • How a company should communicate their risk assessments
  • Pertaining to the Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) goals
  • Reflecting the progress on investments of the company

Learn to Do It The Right Way with Right Tool

To boost your career as a professional writer, this workshop will provide all the necessary information, links, tools and techniques to help you acquire the confidence to write a effective Sustainability Report.

Our Course Outline

Introduction to Sustainability & Reporting

Reporting Guidelines & Frameworks-How to create impact with writing for each framework  

5 Steps in Preparing a Sustainability Report

Materiality In Depth Exercise

Disclosures that are Relevant to Each Fiscal Year of a Business

Compile Data – Checklist for Data Owners

Stakeholder Engagement – Impact Analysis 

Create A Winning Report – Lets Evaluate Content & Quality

By the end of the course

You will feel confident to approach reporting initiatives holistically & clear understanding on how to produce an impactful report involving various stakeholders.

We Want to Ensure Your Learning Objective

We will provide practical case studies and a simplified step-by-step guide through progress. Most of our courses are focusing on practical technique.

Understand how to write a Sustainability Report in just 1 day.

About Our Speaker

SUNITA DEVI is a Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist, she trains Group Sustainability Departments in Public Listed Companies to show progress for organization’s investments in sustainable development of the company. Sunita advises, trains, coaches and consults on sustainability compliance content and quality for various PLCs. 

As a Content Development Consultant, she works with Creative Agencies to design, pitch and deliver on Sustainability and Annual Integrated Reports of corporate companies around ASEAN. 

She began delivering trainings on Sustainability Awareness, Reporting & Communications since 2013 for corporates, business associations. 

Sunita has been writing on sustainability, training employees to improve skills and knowledge, speaking about the UN SDGs and Bursa Malaysia’s Reporting Requirements, and she continues to consult companies in gaining recognition for their investments in sustainability reports. 


Her sustainability project capabilities extend from scoped and funded regional projects, shared value Initiative campaigns (MNCs), Sustainability reporting (PLCs) and in recent times, she works closely with the EUMCCI to promote recognition for sustainability best practices of EU businesses in Malaysia as she sits in the panel of judges for the Europa Awards for Business Sustainability.  

Sunita holds a Master Degree in Knowledge Management, and has contributed to a PhD research in a Tourism Barometer funded by the Ministry of Higher Education. She is currently concluding her DBA research on Sustainability and Reporting Capabilities of Public Listed Companies in ASEAN.

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